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Meet Janaki Nair, our Secretary General!

Janaki is a DP2 student at Oakridge, studying Psychology, Biology and English at the Higher Level. She plans to pursue law in the future. She has been participating in MUNs for the last six years as a delegate, IP member & head and Editor-in-Chief. She looks forward to serving as your Secretary General for Oakridge MUN 2022!

Janaki has a passion for writing and has been a classical dancer for more than a decade now. When she is not studying or spending time with her friends, you can probably find her making pasta, playing football or re-watching The Office for the hundredth time. She's the kind of person who listens to the same song for a month and then can't stand it for the rest of her life. She loves reading books, particularly non-fiction, and loves exploring nature.

All in all, Janaki is a super approachable and optimistic person, and she cannot wait to make Oakridge MUN 2022 as memorable as possible for you!


Meet Kedar Verrareddy, our Charge d'Affaires!

Kedar is CBSE Grade 12 student at Oakridge International School, studying Economics, Math, Business Studies and PE Theory. He has attended over 15 Model United Nations conferences since 2016 in the positions of a delegate, Secretariat and Executive Board member.

Kedar is an extremely athletic person and loves sports. He plays squash at the National level. In his free time, he loves to hang out with his friends and enjoys travelling.

Kedar is a very hardworking and well-coordinated individual. His extensive experience with MUNs and his extremely approachable personality will help lead this year's Secretariat to pull off a successful conference. He looks forward to seeing you all at Oakridge MUN 2022!


Meet Prerana Srinivasan, our Deputy Secretary General!

Prerana is a DP2 student studying Maths, Economics, and Biology at the Higher Level. In the near future, she intends to pursue Economics and Political Science. Having attended over thirty-five conferences in various capacities, she finds them rather energizing; she also has a soft spot for military committees, having started with them.

In her free time, she enjoys listening to heavy metal and classic rock (mostly bragging about her taste in music while she does so), reading classics, enlightening people with "thought-provoking" facts (results in them questioning reality, this has no positive connotation), and watching Stephen King adaptations. A guilty pleasure of hers is binge watching sitcoms, and she finds herself relating to Michael Scott and Phil Dunphy whatever the circumstance.

All in all, she is incredibly excited for this edition of the conference and hopes it will be memorable for all those who attend!


Meet Jahnvi Gupta, our Charge d'Affaires!

Jahnvi is a DP2 student at Oakridge, taking Business Management, Economics and Math at the Higher Level. She has been to more than six MUNs as a delegate, IP member and as an OC member.

Apart from being completely insane, she is always inquisitive, and mostly eccentric. She loves music and is a huge fan of One Direction. She is also passionate about dance. Jahnvi is always teasing her friends and having a great time at school. She holds many interests but enjoys playing basketball the most.

Jahnvi is looking forward to make Oakridge MUN 2022 a memorable conference for all the participants!


Meet Krishna Uppala, our USG of Policy!

Krishna is a DP2 student at Oakridge International School, taking Math, Physics and English at the Higher Level. Having 4 years of MUN experience as a member of the International Press, as a delegate and as a volunteer, he is ready to put his best foot forward as this year's USG of policy.

Krishna has been a practitioner of Tae-Kwon-Do and kickboxing since the age of 5. He is also passionate about music, both listening to it, and playing his saxophone. He also loves performing with his saxophone, recording and posting covers. Apart from that he enjoys watching TV (just started Modern Family, great show), and loves debating and talking about global issues.

He believes that MUNs are a great experience for students and has always wanted to be a part of the Secretariat. As the last two years have regrettably been online, he believes that this opportunity to have an offline MUN will only enhance the experience for everyone, making the 12th edition of Oakridge MUN the best yet!


Meet Sahiti Peela, our USG of Policy!

Sahiti is a DP2 student studying English, Math, and Economics at the Higher level and is planning to pursue economics in her further studies. Having been to over 10 MUNs as a delegate, IP member, and an OC member she is always looking for a way to be involved in the MUN. She is always reading up to find the next big topic and hopes to give delegates exciting topics to debate on.

Her debating skills aren't limited to MUNs; you are bound to see her persuading DC fans that Marvel is better, convincing her mother that the music isn't loud enough, and getting her friends to break into an impromptu dance number.

Above most things, she loves collaborating with new people. For this very reason, she is elated to have the opportunity of meeting new delegates at this year's Oakridge MUN!


Meet Aditya Kollipara, our Director General!

Aditya is a CBSE Grade 12 student in Oakridge International School, studying Math, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. He has 6 years of experience in Model United Nations conferences and thoroughly enjoys being a part of the defense or human rights-related committees.

Aditya has a vivid passion for science and the medical field in particular, and aspires to be a significant part of the medical community in the future. Aditya also loves sports and is an Air pistol shooter at the National level. He likes to play basketball in his free time. He also enjoys listening to rap and a mixture of pop and desi songs, while being a big-time NBA enthusiast who supports his hometown team (Golden state all day).

He is very approachable, open-minded, cheerful and always enthusiastic. He looks forward to meeting you all at Oakridge MUN 2022!


Meet Tanvi Rudraraju, our Charge d’Affaires!

Tanvi is a DP2 student at Oakridge International School taking English, Economics and Business Management at the Higher Level. She has 6 years of MUN experience, and has served as a delagate, volunteer, Editor-in-Chief and even a USG. She hopes to see her learnings over these many roles make this year's conference a grand success.

Like most, music and film are key points in Tanvi’s life. She, in fact, hopes to incorporate film into her further years of education. She is a person who thrives on social interaction and enjoys talking to everyone in the room. When it comes to hobbies, she plays basketball and the guitar.

That being said, she is ready to take her creativity, problem-solving and communication skills to the forefront and make this a memorable experience for everyone attending!


Meet Sathvika Mudunuri, our USG of Public Relations!

Sathvika is DP2 student at Oakridge, taking Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology at the Higher Level. She has participated in MUNs both as a delegate and as an IP member.

Her love for MUNs started with her first-ever Oakridge JMUN and she strongly believes that MUNs are a platform to help increase public speaking skills and allow individuals to learn more about global issues. Apart from this, Sathvika also loves playing basketball and enjoys trying out new restaurants with her friends. In her free time, you can find her binge-watching shows or listening to music.

Sathvika is truly excited to be a part of the Secretariat of Oakridge MUN 2022 and is eager to make it a memorable conference!


Meet Anika Satya, our USG of Public Relations!

Anika is a DP2 student studying Psychology, Physics and Math at the Higher Level. With a passion for human sciences, she aims to pursue her higher education in Psychology. She has been attending MUNs for the past 6 years and loves the environment where aspiring young and talented minds thrive.

Anika has an eclectic taste in music, enjoys a compelling novel, loves all things film, and especially has a keen interest in psychological thrillers. She is someone who seeks the thrill of an adventure, so if she could, she would spend her life travelling.

Anika is a highly driven and creative student who likes to work collaboratively. She cannot wait to make Oakridge MUN 2022 an experience that you would remember for a lifetime!


Meet Aashish Gottumukkale, our USG of Technology!

Aashish is a DP2 student at Oakridge International School taking Maths, Physics, and Economics at the Higher Level. Having over 6 years of experience with MUNs as a delegate, Secretariat member, volunteer, and IP member, he is ready to give delegates a memorable experience as this year’s USG of Technology.

Aashish is passionate about technology and economics and enjoys watching basketball in his free time. When he’s not spending time with his friends, he loves binge-watching Family Guy and Modern Family or listening to R&B and pop music.

He believes MUNs are a great experience for students to be immersed in exciting debates. As this year's MUN is offline, he looks forward to meeting all the delegates and hopes to make the 12th edition of Oakridge MUN the best one yet!


Meet Amshu Vengala, our USG of Technology!

Amshu is a DP2 student at Oakridge, taking Psychology, Economics, and English at the Higher Level. Her passions, while being all over the place, generally concentrate on literature and journalism, which she channels into her MUN experiences by usually taking part as a member of the press.

Occasionally, you'll see her attempt to write, but usually, she's either watching a Wes Anderson film analysis or reading about her latest literary hyper fixation for the month. She plays the guitar which is probably why she enjoys more acoustic indie albums (or perhaps, it's the other way around). She watches movies during the day and reads books at night, and there's nothing she loves more than a good debate.

Amshu is detail-oriented and channels the best of her efforts into her work, an extension of which is her video editing and graphic design. She hopes to make Oakridge MUN 2022 as memorable as possible!


Meet Yashovat Gullapalli, our USG of Logistics!

Yashovat is a CBSE Grade 12 student at Oakridge, pursuing Business Studies, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Psychology. He wishes to be an entrepreneur in the future and wants to study business at a higher level. MUNs are no new concept to him, having participated in many conferences, helping hone the skills needed for this role.

He has been an enthusiastic sportsman ever since the age of 5 and has always loved playing football, basketball and judo. He is also a passionate writer who also published his first book recently. Apart from this, he loves cycling and watching all the Netflix series that exist, which is how he has developed his sarcasm through F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Yashovat is very knowledgeable, expressive and approachable. He has always been keen to be a part of the Secretariat and is here to make sure that Oakridge MUN 2022 will be highly memorable for everyone!


Meet Aryabrata Pattnaik, our USG of Logistics!

Aryabrata is a CBSE Grade 12 student studying Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. He is an avid science enthusiast with a scientific temper and a curious mind.

Aryabrata is a dramatic yet laid-back person with an intense aura of introspection. He believes in simplistic living and searches for depth and meaning in life. He loves psychology and philosophy with a twist of spirituality and metaphysics. He enjoys playing badminton, going for a swim, and indulges in watching comedy and sci-fi movies. In school he could be found meditating silently on his thoughts, striking up an intellectual conversation or simply smiling with his teachers and friends.

Aryabrata is someone who is thoughtful and collaborative and is excited to work in a team. He is thrilled to be in the secretariat and strives to make Oakridge MUN 2022 a great success!


Meet Visisht Kambhammettu, our USG of Logistics!

Visisht is a CBSE Grade 12 student, studying Economics, Business Studies, Accounts and Applied Math. His interests lie in the business field, with plans to pursue a career in finance. He has been a part of MUNs for 6 years now, giving him vast experience.

Apart from this, Visisht holds a black belt in taekwondo and plays football. You can expect him to be chilling with his friends, binge-watching a Netflix show or listening to Drake.

He is very passionate about his interests, has a great work ethic and is very approachable. Visisht is dedicated to making this year's edition of the Oakridge MUN the best one yet!


Meet Gyana Geetika Patil, our USG of Finance!

Geetika is a DP2 student studying Economics, Business Management and Math at the Higher Level. Since social sciences is where her interest lies, she intends to study economics for her further studies. She has gained a lot of experience about MUNs over the course of the last 4 years and finds them to be a great platform for students to learn about pressing global issues.

Geetika enjoys learning dance, and at times you might find her randomly breaking out into a mass routine. She also thoroughly enjoys watching comedy movies in her free time. Apart from dance and movies, she also loves listening to filmy music.

Geetika is highly motivated and never fails to give her best while working. She is extremely happy to be a part of the Secretariat and intends to make Oakridge MUN 2022 a memorable conference!


Meet Rishul Pakala, our USG of Finance!

Rishul is a CBSE Grade 12 student studying Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship and Applied Math. He plans to study finance for his further studies. He truly admires MUNs, and over the past 5-6 years, Rishul has built up his knowledge about various situations across the globe, helping him boost his confidence during MUNs.

Rishul is a passionate footballer and has always dreamt of becoming a professional footballer. He loves Marvel movies and shows, binge-watching them almost every day. He also loves going to the gym every day, vibing to Telugu songs.

Rishul is a person who has excellent leadership qualities and loves working in a team. He is excited to be a part of the Secretariat and intends to make Oakridge MUN 2022 a conference to remember!


Meet Manas Reddy, our USG of Finance!

Manas is a CBSE Grade 12 student at Oakridge International School, studying Economics, Entrepreneurship, Business Studies and Psychology. Apart from studies, Manas has a keen interest in sports.

He brings a lot to the table at this year's conference, having been a delegate, OC member and an intern at previous MUNs.

Manas is hardworking and dedicated, seeking to make this edition of Oakridge MUN a success. His passion for MUNs will make sure that he brings out the best conference yet!

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