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Lok Sabha 

The Lok Sabha also known as the “House of People” is one of the two houses of India’s bicameral parliament and contains around 545 seats. The Lok Sabha is responsible for formulating laws for the country, it is essentially the supreme law-making body of India. For laws to pass, a majority i.e. ⅔ have to agree. It also controls the budgets for the state.


Discussing criminal laws in India with special emphasis to the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023.

Background Guide


Executive Board

Ravi Vatsan Speaker Lok Sabha.jpg

Ravi Vatsan


Sai Siddharth Deputy Speaker LOK Sabha.jpg

Sai Siddharth

Deputy Speaker

Naren Ayinala Scribe Lok Sabha.jpg

Naren Ayinala


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