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United Nations Security Council

The UNSC identifies threats to a peaceful community. Members of the council often settle disputes between parties by recommending peaceful settlements. In certain scenarios, the UNSC may resort to imposing sanctions and force to maintain international peace and security.


The Situation in Myanmar

Executive Board

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Rakshak Bharath is a Mechanical Engineer from Hyderabad. Having participated in Model UN conferences across the country over the last five years, he has served at over 30 Model United Nations conferences in the capacity of a delegate, Organising Committee member and Executive Board member.

He was also the Secretary General for The International Thematic Conference 2018. He takes a profound interest in studying and analysing the effects of policy and its spillover effects. He believes that critical thinking and a thirst for knowledge are prized assets to possess and help not only with MUNs but in everyday life as well. Apart from MUNs, you'd find him passionately critical about his one true love, coffee.

Rakshak Bharath


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Ishaan Poddar is a 1st-year law student at NALSAR Unversity of Law. A name well known in the Hyderabad MUN circuit and has been a passionate MUNner active in the circuit for the last 4 years. He can argue on any topic you pick from any side you give him though he generally prefers to play the Devil's Advocate. He is extremely approachable and looks forward to hosting you all at this year's edition of the conference.

Ishaan Poddar


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