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Joint Crisis Committee

JCC offers a fast-paced and challenging MUN experience. Two opposing blocs share the same world and timeline of events with challenges they need to overcome. The main goal is for one bloc to outmaneuver the other.


The Russia - Ukraine Conflict

Executive Board


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An accomplished writer, an established researcher, and a fiery debater, Shrikrishna is a rising sophomore at Duke University hoping to delve into the world of finance and computation in the future. Having attended over 30 conferences in various positions, from Delegate to Secretary General with a near-perfect record, Shrikrishna feels that MUNs have shaped the person he is today. He strives to make the JCC at OakMUN 2022 an incredible experience and hopes to see you all there!

Shrikrishna Sriram


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Gaurav Pallod is exhilarated to serve as the Chair for JCC at OakMUN 2022! He is a rising sophomore at Duke University majoring in Mathematics and Economics. Having attended a fair share of conferences, he started off with his MUN journey in 2015 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Gaurav hopes to ignite the fire of debating amongst beginners and is thrilled to make this committee knowledgeable and debate oriented. He believes that Model UN has the power to provide new perspectives to delegates and bring their ideas together through deliberation and hopes to bring this about. He looks forward to meeting everyone at the conference!

Gaurav Pallod



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Varun Srinivas is a law student by profession and a tennis player by passion. An active and passionate debater. He lives by his favourite quote "The best way to predict the future, is to create it." A die hard fan of Roger Federer, Varun believes in creating an active learning experience in the committee and expects the delegates to participate in active debate and discussion. He wishes all his delegates the best of luck.

Varun Srinivas


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Sharan Veluri is an electronics and communication engineering sophomore at SRM University, Chennai. He has been a part of the Hyderabad MUN Circuit for over 6 years and has operated in numerous capacities ranging from the Secretariat to the Executive Board. He is looking forward to meeting y'all and returning to the offline Model UN scenario with a stellar Joint Crisis Committee.

Sharan Veluri


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