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International Organization of Migration

The IOM provides services and advice to governments and migrants in order to promote systematic and humane migration. Being the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration, the organization recognizes the link between migration and economic, social, and cultural development. It is dedicated to assisting the search for practical solutions for migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people around the world.


The Mitigation of a potential migration crisis in Afghanistan

Executive Board

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Vaishnavi Deepak believes strongly in the competence of the written medium. "Consider that everything is opinion, and opinion is in thy power." These sentiments of Marcus Aurelius are in sync with her ideologies. Currently, an engineer turned marketer she hopes to one day recognize the meeting ground between her enthusiasm for literature and technology alike. She has tasted success at some of the most competitive International Press Simulations in the Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad circuits and has been a part of some prestigious executive boards. She wishes to bring the collection of her learnings to this International Press and aid the reporters in their personal journeys of learning.

Vaishnavi Deepak


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Chaarmikha Nagalla is from the Hyderabad MUN circuit and is extremely delighted to serve as the Vice-Chairperson of IOM. She is pursuing her undergraduate in economics and computer science. She has been to a plethora of MUNs in various capacities and has always been a passionate MUNer. Being a part of the MUN circuit since 2016, she has explored various committees that include humanitarian, environmental, economic and other unconventional committees. Apart from MUNs, she indulges herself in sports, standup comedy and content creation. Her experience in various MUNs over the past 6 years committed her to ensure that as many students as possible experience the full educational potential of a MUN. She is excited to witness a fruitful discussion at Oakridge MUN 2022.

Chaarmikha Nagalla


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