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International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) is an intergovernmental organization that consists of 195 member countries that work collaboratively to fight international crime. The organization enables the members to share and access data on crimes and criminals while offering a range of technical and operational support.


Discussing the growing frequency of drug trade in Latin America

Executive Board

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Serendeep is a 3rd year undergraduate student doing his bachelor's of technology from ICFAI Tech School, Hyderabad. He started MUNs in 2015 and has participated in and helped organise conferences all over India. He also is an amateur photographer, a graphic designer and loves to code. He looks forward to a great debate and seeing you at the conference.

Serendeep Rudraraju


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Vineet is currently an 11th grade student at Oakridge International School, enrolled in the IB Diploma Program taking Math, Physics and Chemistry at the higher level.

An avid reader, Vineet enjoys friendly debate with his peers over anything ranging from the current political scene to the latest football match. He is very passionate about football, as a fan, and a player, representing Oakridge on multiple occasions. A massive supporter of Manchester City, he will tirelessly argue for hours at a time on who the better team in Manchester is. When he’s not playing video games, playing or watching football, or even stealing food from his friends, he’s probably sleeping.

Overall, Vineet is a kind, outgoing and hardworking person who looks forward to serving you as the vice-chairperson of INTERPOL.

Vineet Chitturi


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