Payment Procedure

1. For Individual Delegates: 

  • Students shall first pay in the payment portal and then register in the form already sent to them by email from the school. 

  • Visit the payment portal, and complete the payment

  • Register after the payment, by filling the Google Form.

  • It is MANDATORY to mention the Payment Transaction Number in the registration form. 

2. For Schools registering as a Delegation: 

  • Schools (both Indian and International) shall pay the total sum of money (no. of students x INR 1500, or no. of students x USD 21) on our payment portal. This must be a single payment.  

  • Schools must then send the list of delegates to 

  • Registration and payments for delegations will be received only from the respective Teacher in charge of the registering school

Important: The size of an external delegation must not exceed 20 delegates.