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Venue: Oakridge International School, Gachibowli

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About The Conference

Established in 2011, Oakridge MUN is a prestigious academic simulation of the largest and most influential organization in the world, the United Nations. We have reached thousands of delegates over the past decade and hope to impact thousands more in the future. We aim to be able to provide a platform for students to make our world a better place and contribute to solving global problems.

Letter from the
Secretary General

Dear Delegates,

As the Secretary General for Oakridge MUN 2024, I am thrilled to welcome you to this prestigious event. For me, Model United Nations has been more than just a conference; it has been a journey that has shaped my worldview and ignited my passion for global issues since my early teens. Now, as I assume this role, I am committed to providing you with the same transformative experience.

In today's world, finding solutions to global challenges is more crucial than ever. From the ongoing conflicts in Armenia-Azerbaijan and Gaza to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, the world is indeed a scary place. However, it is through small efforts, such as engaging in dialogue and finding local solutions to global problems, that we can make a meaningful difference.

This year, Oakridge MUN is more than just a conference; it is a platform for change. With new features and innovative initiatives, we are poised to tackle pressing issues with renewed vigor and determination. I am excited to witness the impact that we can collectively make and look forward to an unforgettable event.

Warm regards,
Diya Dhankani 
Secretary General
Oakridge MUN 2024



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